Photo by Anthony Gibson

It has been stated several times that “anyone can find oil but few can produce it”.  Resolve Exploration, Corp does produce it.  The production phase of operations focuses on the extraction of hydrocarbons from the reservoir to the surface. The flow of hydrocarbons often occurs naturally by utilizing the pressure of the reservoir to push the fluids to the surface. However, mechanical assistance known as artificial lift is also used to pump the fluids to the surface.  Once a well is deemed to appear to have a commercial quantity of oil, a “tank battery” will be constructed for the storage of produced oil and water.  A pumping unit will be installed to provide the mechanical motion needed for artificial lift, the well pad will be restored so that minimal acreage is utilized for production.  The typical producing well utilizes less than a half of an acre for the road, production pad, and tank battery.  Resolve Exploration, Corp. hires a qualified contract “pumper” who inspects the lease equipment daily, services equipment as needed, measures and records the daily production.  As a tank fills with oil, the contracted oil purchaser is notified and the oil is then transferred to a tank truck and sold to the purchaser. 


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