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The President and Chief Geologist is John Upcraft

Mr. Upcraft is a Certified Professional Geologist (AIPG-CPG 8485) as well as registered or licensed in several States.  Mr. Upcraft’s experience spans 38 years of Oil & Gas exploration and production in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming, and Ontario.  Much of his effort within Resolve Exploration, Corp. is expended in the exploration of oil in the Illinois Basin.  Projects vary from small exploration projects, development of existing producing fields, as well as regional “plays”.

Mr. Upcraft provides Industrial Minerals exploration services for clients throughout the Midwest.  In addition Mr. Upcraft was a co-founder of an environmental service company that provided services for 20 years within 44 States and Canada.  Mr. Upcraft continues to consult with clients providing his expertise in environmental project design, equipment design and implementation, and remediation design.  Mr. Upcraft provides support and consultation services for the Coal Industry in Illinois and Alabama as well as consultation and exploration services for municipal and private groundwater clients.

Mr. Upcraft has provided well site management and geological services on the three Pre-Cambrian “granite” tests that have been drilled in the deeper portion of the Illinois Basin since 1988, as well as numerous wells drilled to various depths in more than a dozen States and Canada.  Mr. Upcraft’s subsurface interpretations have resulted in “wildcat” discoveries as well as many extensions and developmental discoveries.  The first well drilled by Resolve Exploration, Corp. was a wildcat discovery in January 2010, based solely upon Mr. Upcraft’s subsurface interpretations.  To date that discovery and the subsequent development has resulted a highly profitable discovery with a gross income in excess of 2.5 million dollars from four wells at a depth of only two thousand feet.

Mr. Upcraft provides geological consulting as well as business, operation and production consulting and support for several clients within the United States.

The Land Department Manager is Diana Upcraft

Mrs. Upcraft experience spans more than 20 years of title work for clients in the Oil and Gas industry as well as landfills, right of ways, municipal, and financial institutions.  Mrs. Upcraft provides real time title and lease work for Resolve Exploration, Corp. thereby providing cursory title searches for initial prospect development as well as complete title work for the leasing of prospect acreage.  Mrs. Upcraft’s title work is instrumental in the pre-drilling title opinion by an attorney.  In addition to Resolve Exploration, Corp., Mrs. Upcraft provides land and title services for clients within the Illinois Basin where she manages a staff of researchers so that her clients get timely results.


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